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Manufacturer of frozen bakery products

PanPiek is a continuation of the craft of baking products at an industrial scale. Our personnel’s experience and knowledge combined with a passion for bakery craft are a guarantee of innovation. We are continuously striving to adjust our products to the need of event the most demanding Customers. We listen to the need of the market and uncompromisignly follow our innovative production objectives, while working continuously on the new solutions.

Our mission is to serve our Customers and offer them products, which are a synonym of a daily need for consuming healthy bakery products, which have a positive impact on our well-baking. While creating all products according to traditional recipes, we not only use top quality ingredients which have a unique effect on the final product, but also enrich them with natural addition vitamin D. In the course of production process, we also remember about idea of a clean label, so much sought by the consumers. We make all efforts to be appreciated by the company’s consumer and business partners.

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Our experience, creativity and passion for bakery craft are a guarantee of innovation and quality supported by certificates. Our production is based on the following systems: HACCP, IFS ver 6.1, BRC ver.8

Kaiser Roll

Natural daily wheat roll 

Multigrainkaiser Roll

A whole grain wheat roll with addition of grains, rye middlings and malt. 

Spicy Kaiser Roll

Wheat roll with an addition of herbs, pepper flakes and grains. 

Breakfast Roll

A traditional wheat roll with an addition of malt. 

Breakfast Roll With Grains

A dark daily roll with sunflower seeds, linseed, sesame seeds and rye middlings.

Spelt Roll

A roll based on whole spelt flour with the addition of spelt sprouts, linseed and pumpkin seeds.

Fitness Roll

A nutritious roll composed on the basis of wholemeal rye flour, wheat graham flour, soy-beans, sunflower seed and linseed. It also contains healthy apple fibre.

Rustical Potato Roll

Wonderfully light and flavourful rustical potato roll, made from craft recipe that uses potato flakes and rye flour, for perfectly moist rolls.

Polish Roll With Kabanos

A typical Polish wheat – rye roll with the addition of chopped kabanos ( polish dry smoked sausage), linseed and spiced with onion.

Sweet Roll With Chocolate

A delicate sweet roll with the addition of butter and unusual dark chocolate crumb with chocolate pieces.

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